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Here are many different hybrid breeds and one of the most common is known as the Golden Comet. Hybrids have been bred to lay huge amounts of eggs whilst only consuming small amounts of food. This makes them cheaper to feed than other breeds. Eggs: You should expect for a typical hybrid hen to lay around 280 eggs per year.

Rhode Island Red’s originated from America and are known as a ‘dual purpose’ chickens. This means they can be raised for either eggs or meat. They are one of the most popular backyard chicken breeds because they are tough and lay lots of eggs. Eggs: You should expect a young Rhode Island Red to lay 250 eggs a year.

The Plymouth Rock is an American breed of domestic chicken. It was first seen in Massachusetts in the nineteenth century, and for much of the early twentieth century was the most popular chicken breed in the United States. it has a good taste and it’s loved to be consumed all over the world, we do have these species available do contact us today.

Marans are another dual purpose hen and are renowned for their vibrant dark brown eggs and exception meal quality. Eggs:  A Maran will lay around 200 eggs a year. These eggs are a vibrant dark brown colour and are medium sized.

The Barnevelder is a cross between the Dutch Landrace and Asian jungle fowl. It is native to Holland and is known for its glossy feathers. Eggs: It is capable of laying around 200 eggs per year. Contact us today for more details.

Like the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex is a ‘dual purpose’ hen which means they can be raised for either eggs or meat. Eggs:  A Sussex is easily capable of laying 250 eggs a year. Contact Us today for this Species.

The Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) is an ideal pick for a first time chicken keeper who  is looking for a hen that lays eggs roughly once every two days.Eggs:  A healthy Plymouth Rock should lay around 200 eggs a year.

Any child who grew up in the 50s will know what a Leghorn looks like from the popular TV show Foghorn Leghorn. Leghorns were brought to the US from Italy back in the 80s and have made the perfect backyard chicken ever since.

In tenth place is the Buff Orpington, which is my personal favourite chicken breed. They originate from Kent, England and are a backyard chicken keeper’s dream! Eggs: Orpingtons will lay around 180 eggs a year.

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