Quality:Class A
-Medium Size,50g – 55g
-Large Size,55g – 60g
-X-Large Size
-Jumbo Size

Packing: Our eggs come in cartons or boxes, there are 12 Trays of eggs in a carton and each tray contain 30 eggs. Making a total of 360 eggs in a carton or box. The Eggs are chosen and packed in an exemplary manner under unique grading and packing process, avoiding the risk of cross contamination and therefore removing the damaged eggs.

Every Egg is placed on chemically treated pulp tray and packed in strong five ply multiple color printed cartons. Every carton is well labeled with brand name and specification and every egg is printed it’s core details such as production date, expiry date, and brand name including the country name where it has originated from, giving full details, thus avoiding doubts for individual consumption marked with food graded Ink- red in color approved by the FDA.


We deliver nationwide.
30 Eggs in One Tray,
12 Trays in One Carton,

We also have the following packaging

Egg Cartons. 231 x 6 egg boxes
Egg Cartons, 100 x 6 egg boxes
Egg Cartons, 20 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 146 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 292 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 462 x 6 egg boxes
Should you want this packaging, just tell us the sizes you want and I will confirm the prices per carton.

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